$200 Offering

House Healing

Does your home not feel like it’s yours? Is there something off? Is there depression or sadness that is stuck in the home? Are there parts of your home you feel unwelcome or try to avoid? Do you have chronic problems with neighbors or residents?

Are you wanting your home to feel like your sanctuary? Do you want your home to be inviting to people and energies that you find desirable? Do you want to feel safe and at ease? Are you wanting a place that is fun and enjoyable? Are you looking to heal your sleep space?

This service is great: 

  • If you’re new to your property – reset the energy of the space. 

  • When you’re attempting to sell your property. 

  • Would like to increase the flow of abundance and prosperity. 

  • Heal communication between residents. 

  • Create an environment that is peaceful and enjoyable. 

  • During or after remodeling. 

  • When you have new residents. 

  • Experiencing ghosts or unwanted patterns.

Please plan on this healing taking 50 minutes over the phone.

Distance does not affect quality or accuracy.

100% Confidential. 


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