Conversation with Trees

This morning, while on my daily dog walk, I tuned into the energy of trees. I started focusing on that energy and allow that sturdy, grounded, expanding, growing energy an opportunity to share it’s wisdom with me.

I saw roots burrowing deep into the ground. That even though we see his leaves and no leaves, leaves, no leaves, branches, birds in the tree—the roots are the unseen, yet equally important part of the tree's growth. The roots, burrowed into the ground allow the tree to grow tall, despite the winds. The roots bring moisture from deep within the soil, so when there’s a drought, the tree can survive.

The tree showed me how I can imagine, while walking, that with each step I feel planted, rooted, grounded, reaching past my corporal feet, down deep to assure my steadiness. The tree said that you must always grow towards the earth--be present. That we humans tend to value the fruit and shade the tree provides, and that focus on only seen creates shallow roots, so at the slightest breeze, the tree topples.

The time people care about their roots is during the wind storm, and in that moment of crisis their roots aren’t deep enough. So the tree showed that if ease, surety and constant expansion are desired, that roots are what we are needing. Others might not notice your growth. Others might not see signs of success, but the roots that you are cultivating will help you support the growth and fruitfulness you are seeking.

The tree showed me that in a forest, a tree was existing nicely. Lightning struck the tree and nearly a third of its giant foliage fell to the ground. The tree mourned this loss. The tree wondered, “Why me? Why did I get struck and not any of the other trees?” The fallen limb laid near the base of the tree and all the tree could do was to mourn this giant limb. Over time, all kinds of bugs, insects, mushrooms and all sorts of creatures came and started living on, in and around this giant limb. The creatures added manure, the bugs and beings helped break down what was no longer useful to the tree. The rains came and the hole that was created in the forest canopy allowed more of that precious water to rain down near the base of the tree. The soil around the tree became more rich and moist than neighboring trees, so his roots grew deeper and stronger. The tree grew more and more, and became one of the biggest, strongest trees in the forest.

When something unwanted happens in our life, it is natural to notice it, to give our attention to it, but we can remember the tree, and how something unwanted, something traumatic can give birth to what makes us grow more abundant.

Thank you tree buddy! I hope you find these messages as powerful in their simplicity as I did!