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Words cannot express the experience that Wendy created for me on our call. She is beyond skilled at what she does. It was like inviting a trusted friend into the garden of my brain to help trim and plant and seed and water and make it as beautiful as possible. She immediately knew so many things that I couldn't possibly have told her, because I didn't have words for them until she uncovered them. And on top of that, I could physically feel an immense energy built and shift throughout the healing she was doing. I'm still in awe, absolutely blown away, and yet at the most peaceful I have felt in months. Thank you SO much Wendy!


Wendy gave me a reading 2 years ago and even after so much time has past, her reading was equally accurate and insightful, if not more! She is warm, empathic, and uplifting. If you are looking for a legit reading, look no further because Wendy is the real deal!


I absolutely love <3 working with Wendy she is so amazing, sweet and kind. I love how patient she is and she answered all of my questions. Looking forward to a next session with her. Wendy is so WONDERFUL what a kind and amazing spirit she truly is.


Wendy is so terrifically amazing, I don't think I can come up with enough words to describe how helpful and healing her services are.


my wife was in tears of happiness when she came and talked to me afterwords, and i could see such a profound change in her entire being compared to how she has been since her mom passed. Thank you for helping her refind her way back to the light, and for helping her to heal! No amount of money, or words could ever repay the consolation you have given her. It is so nice to see her glowing and full of happiness.


Great experience and exchange with Wendy. She is connected to her divine-self with her guidance, wisdom and laughter makes the reading enjoyable.


Wendy is a calm, compassionate accurate reader. I recommend her and would get a reading from her again :).


Polite, promp,t and easy to work with. She knew what she was asking for which made my job that much easier.


I had a good reading. Fine tuned what I needed. I was able to move stuck energy and move into my next step. Thank you for the reading.


I loved her reading. She was very open to everything and I would LOVE to receive another reading in the near future from Wendy. Great communication. She went above and beyond. Thanks tremendously. 10/10!


Wendy is spot on. She got to the root of my problems and gave me the knowledge to work through them. Super easy to talk to. Will definitely work with her again.


Wendy was surprisingly insightful. The reading I had with her was like no other reading I've ever had. She gets directly to the root of the issue in a way that's easy to understand. I left this reading with such a sense of peace. This was the best reading I've ever had.


Great to work with! She was very nice and able to clarify things for me. Thank you so much for your help!


What a wonderful soul! Truly gave some wonderful insight and had details to share that wouldn't be found out any other way besides intuition. I'd recommend her not only for her skill but sweet nature as well!


Wendy is a ray of sunshine and simply emanates joy, love, and fun! I am so grateful for my experience with here. Her intuitive guidance was spot on, uplifting, and insightful. She is amazing, and I look forward to further collaborations. Thank you beautiful soul!


I felt so connected, heard and understood energetically with Wendy. My session with her helped with necessary areas of focus and clarity of my purpose and aim. Her warm and intuitive nature is a gift, I am grateful for the opportunity to work with her.


Wendy was easy to talk to. I enjoyed everything I learned. Wendy is super knowledgeable. She is a wonderful and amazing individual. Thabk you for all your help.