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Wendy Wing

Welcome! Let me tell you a little about myself so you can be certain we are a great fit.

I am a light/energy worker, channeler of divine guidance/wisdom/healing, a joyful student of life, animal lover, avid gardener, artist, wife, mother, friend, easy to connect with and holder of space for whatever arises with ease. Since 2014 I have been focusing on reading and translating non-physical, spiritual energy and holding space to allow for growth and greater understanding of self/universe. 


Since 2021, I've shifted my attention to teaching/guiding others who are interested in revealing to themselves their own skills and tools to make their path fulfilling and joyful. I show students how to tap into their own wisdom and intuition.

I am so grateful for those who are drawn to the work I do as it is a co-creative space and with each question I learn more about myself and those making their own unique journey of exploration. Often those attracted to working with me have experienced PTSD/trauma and are on a journey to discovering the transformative shift and healing, as well as post traumatic wisdom that results from re-integrating those wounded aspects of self. 


I'm a natural interpreter of non-physical energy, graduated from Boulder Psychic Institute in 2015 where I learned to tune into my clairvoyance, became an ordained minister in 2016. I've given hundreds of readings in person, fairs, festivals and over the phone/online with wonderful souls on six continents!