Wendy Wing

Welcome! Let me tell you a little about myself so you can be certain we are a great fit.

I am a conscious creator, a joyful student of life, animal lover, eager to find connection with Source/God/Divine, easy to talk with and hold space for whatever arises with ease. I have spent the past several years focusing on reading and translating non-physical, spiritual energy.  

I am so grateful for those who are drawn to the work I do as it is a co-creative space and with each question I learn more about myself and those making their own unique journey of exploration. 


I'm a natural interpreter of non-physical energy, graduated from Boulder Psychic Institute in 2015 to tune into my clairvoyance, became an ordained minister in 2016. I've given hundreds of readings in person, fairs, festivals and over the phone/online with six continents!


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