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Wendy Wing

Welcome! Let me tell you a little about myself so you can be certain we are a great fit.

I am a chronic student of life, this world and I am always in search of answers I feel resonance with. I have spent the past several years focusing on reading and translating non-physical, spiritual energy. I love exploring the infinite and find such satisfaction being in chronic alignment with Source. Hanging out in this space so frequently has made it so I can perceive this physical time and space as well as the non-physical aspects of it. I have tuned into my inner guidance and realized my worth, value and that I flow love easily. 

I am so grateful for those who seek my guidance as it is always my experience that they are such an integral part of own growth. I am forever a student. I'm so grateful for what the universe has given to me. 

I graduated from Boulder Psychic Institute, became an ordained minister in 2016. I've given hundreds of readings in person, fairs, festivals and over the phone.