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My name is Wendy Wing. I'm so glad you found my website! I offer psychic readings and healings. Please feel free to look around to see if a reading from me is right for you.

People who benefit the most from my services:

  • Those interested in Law of Attraction and creating the life of their dreams.

  • Creative types: Artists, comedians, musicians, actors, writers--people seeking that free flowing creative space so they can more easily and chronically receive more inspiration, joy and fulfillment while creating.

  • Those interested in improving relationships or creating new, fulfilling relationships.

  • Those wanting to open their own spiritual connections, be able to tune into loved ones who have crossed into the non-physical.

  • Those seeking more joy, fun, ease, clarity and seamless growth.

  • People in search of greater understanding of their sensitive emotions and inner guidance. 

  • Healers seeking a co-creative space with little resistance to create more positive momentum. 


Feel free to look around and if you're inspired, book a reading! 

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