Guided Meditations

These meditations are on a variety of topics. You are welcome to use. I hope you find them helpful. 

Relax Meditation

Creative RelaxationWendy Wing
00:00 / 17:50

This is nearly 20 minutes of permission to relax, let go and go on a relaxing journey of seeing and feeling. Meet different aspects of you in parallel realities where the lessons you're working through have already been learned. This is also a creative exercise, inviting you out of the sticky quality of your life and stretching you as to what is possible to create in your life. 

The background music is from YouTube: Raise Your Vibration | Relaxing Music | Meditation Music | Stress Relief Music |

Meditation New Relationship to Stress 

Meditation New Relationship to Stress 2Wendy Wing
00:00 / 29:32

This is a 30 minute guided meditation on shifting your relationship to stress. Realizing how you identify with stress energy as yours. "This is MY stress. This is causing MY stress." Shifting your relationship so you can observe, unmatch your energy from the usual patterns you implement (unconsciously or consciously) in relation to when you perceive these energies. This perspective can give you an opportunity to shift your energy to where all your power is: within. Instead of trying to control, insist, demand that this stress energy, the players involved in the stressors or the situation change so you can feel better.

The background music is from YouTube: Serotonin Release - Alpha Waves for Serotonin & Endorphins - Binaural Beats - Meditation Music

Manifesting You

ManifestingYouWendy Wing
00:00 / 28:34

This nearly 30-minute guided meditation allows you to clear energy that gets in the way of manifesting the you you want to be. You also are given a wonderful space to really get to know how being the you you want to be feels so you can hold the energy of who you want in your space and release the energy of resistance. For those who are wanting to connect to self, this is for you! Enjoy!


The background music is from YouTube:  Buddha's Flute: Speace to Breathe #5

Aspen Tree/Nervous System Healing

Aspen Tree-Nervous System HealingWendy Wing
00:00 / 15:35

This 15 minute guided meditation was inspired by where I live, the Rocky Mountains. Right now the Aspens are celebrating autumn with their amazing gold colors. They have much wisdom about community and individual. They invite you to connect so you can allow your nervous system to heal. 


The background music is from YouTube:  Relaxing Music with Nature Sounds, Forest Music, Sleep Music, Meditation Music

Shamanic Journey

Shamanic JourneyWendy Wing
00:00 / 24:04

This powerful 30 minute guided meditation is introducing you to the aspect of yourself that is already a shamanic master. You will be shown in an experiential way the various levels of this earth plane that are physical, non-physical and both. You will journey throughout the elemental, astral, archetypal and collective levels of this realm. Opening yourself up to receiving guidance, support and alignment from all levels.


The background music is from YouTube: Shamanic Music | Energetic Cleaning | Nature of Healing | Power Animal | Binaural

Setting Space 3/22

Setting space March22Wendy Wing
00:00 / 20:48

This is a very casual 20 minutes guided meditation. No music. My dog Chuck's gentle snoring in the background. This meditation will help you relax your nervous system, release, remove resistance and set you up for showing up as yourself. This is a great space to be you. This is a great time to be you. Allow all of who you are to show up.