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House Clearing

This service allows for a detailed look into the energies in and around your home. This can be done in person or remotely. It is my intention in this space to retune your home’s vibrations to best fit your energy. We look at each living space and custom-tailor the energies so your house/apartment/condo can become your home.

Some energies we explore during this session:

Land agreements, historical stuck energies

Conscious and unconscious agreements with neighbors (uncovering rifts and disagreements)

Entrance to home







Pets in the home

Sleeping space(s)

Clearing mirrors

Room-by-room clearing and resetting of energy

Healing water, gas and electric lines

Grounding the home

Clearing the home’s aura

Updating the home’s Akashic records

..and much much more

During this healing, I communicate with you what energies are present and you can share how you’d prefer the energies to be. This is a co-creative space and you get to decide from the information shared what you’d prefer the energies to be.

During house clearings I have remotely found the presence of black mold and located the source. I’ve found stuck energies of “argument” in dining rooms where people unconsciously match this fighting energy and wonder why there are often fights at the dinner table. I’ve found energies in kitchens where people start eating unconsciously. Mirrors where people have practiced self hate, so switching these to self-love and appreciation. Cleared hanging pictures of when the person was younger and they practiced hating their younger self every time they looked at the picture. Hidden energies that make people feel uncomfortable are released. Cleared home offices of distraction or bored energies. And yes, cleared ghosts, or those who are still attached to their physical life.

House clearings are great for resetting the energy of your home if you’ve just moved or if you’ve never really landed in your space. Difficulty with sleep.

They’re great after construction. After long illnesses. For selling your home–resetting the energies to be most attractive to the perfect buyer. To clear depression. If you’re wanting to create a haven, your own personal sanctuary and want to create a place where you feel safe, secure and stable. Where you can consciously work with the earth and the land around you so you feel a sense of belonging.

For some people, after a house clearing they realize how conscious their home is and learn to work with their home, care for their home and create a loving alliance with what they previously regarded as a compilation of wood and concrete.

Book your house clearing now! Create the sanctuary and peace you’ve always wanted!


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