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Psychic Reading vs Psychic Coaching, Which is Right for You?

A psychic reading is great if you’re looking for clarity or you’re feeling stuck and needing help finding your answers. People feel seen and heard, held and cared for. They enjoy the ease of the space and if something comes up to be released, it is released with ease, support, non judgment and care. I share messages from the divine, spirit guides, angels or loved ones who have crossed. Oftentimes blocks are discussed as well as validations that align you with your core soul frequency, so you can be more you. I find that in the psychic readings people often are reminded who they really are once they clear away projections, attachments, traumas and limitations. I think most people find this space surprisingly fun and joyful, even if discussing painful issues.

People who seek psychic coaching want to remember and unlock their own psychic potential. Each session is unique to you, using whatever has arisen in your life and I guide you as to ways for you to see, sense or feel these situations energetically and neutrally so you can make grounded, aligned choices on a foundational, vibrational level. These sessions typically start with sharing what issue(s) would like to be addressed and then there are guided meditations where we get to play with divine energies, learn new tools, see how to release and amplify, all the while becoming more empowered.